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AESA S.A. AESA Cortaillod

Origin AESA SA was created in 1978 as the specialised measurement laboratory of the Cable Works of Cortaillod, Switzerland. In 1998, AESA became independent and is now owned by private investors close to the company. During this period, AESA has earned a high reputation for quality and reliability worldwide. In 2007 AESA acquired business assets from MEA Mauf und Rudow GmbH. Both business activities are now fully integrated and AESA Cortaillod is the undisputed leader in measurement and quality management for telecommunications and power cables. Its head office is located in Colombier by the side of lake Neuchâtel in a beautiful part of Switzerland. Branch offices are in Bergisch Gladbach near Köln and Stolberg near Aachen. The Company The majority of our employees are engineers and specialists in low and high frequency, software and calibration. The team is completed by sales engineers and after sales technicians and is clearly driven by service to the customer. Our export department also has responsibility for shipping activities. Partnership AESA is proud to have the most prestigious cable producers within its customer portfolio. AESA has always strived to create and maintain genuine partnerships with its customers. For us, this is the best way to build creative and durable relationships and fulfil our goal of helping customers achieve their goals. AESA is certified by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) for all its calibration activities. Our Mission Our mission is to remain at the cutting edge of technology so we can offer our customers the most effective and complete solutions. By this, we mean meeting customer demands, fulfilling order deadlines, ensuring equipment reliability and accurate measurements, provision of quality training and also the assurance that service will be available on our systems for up to 10 years. Products AESA offers a full range of test systems for cable producers, which can be divided in three main fields: LAN and telecom cables : Automatic systems to measure all low and high frequency parameters: RCKE, attenuation, crosstalk, impedance, transfer impedance, LCL, etc... up to 2 GHz. Automatic systems for measuring insulation resistance and execution of high voltage tests. Automatic coaxial cable measuring systems. Powerful software package with integrated database management. Power and installation cables : Resistance and cross-section meter for aluminium strands up to 1200mm2 and copper strands up to 2000mm2. Wire and conductor resistance bridge for up to 500mm2. Integrated Quality Management software CIQ 3.0 : Modular and open architecture, efficient data acquisition, flexible configuration, all features are designed for easy set-up and training. Services AESA offers training sessions for its measuring systems (hardware and software); these sessions can be provided on our premises or at customer sites. For customers certified to ISO 9000, AESA provides a calibration service. In 1994, AESA passed the audit for the standard EN 45001 and in 2002 for the standard ISO 17025. As a calibration laboratory, AESA can guarantee that all calibration tests refer to a primary standard. We offer a quick and reliable repair service. All strategic components are available from stock. Dedicated maintenance contracts are available.

AESA S.A. AESA Cortaillod

Specialized in cable metrology, ISO17025 registered, we help you to master your quality with efficient testing equipment and data management systems

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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