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M.C.M. S.p.A.

M.C.M. Spa specializes in the production of rubber gaskets customized for specific fields such as automotive, aeronautical and petrochemical; the company as well manifactures evolast® (the new generation of perfluorelastomer) parts with registered trademark. The remarkable success of M.C.M. lays primarly in the high specificity of the compounds, great production flexibility, attention and care even for the smallest details, full automation and upcoming machinery. High and continuous quality levels and important technological investments are the main choices that led M.C.M. to the top of its industry. M.C.M. has been consolidating knowledge and division know-how since it was founded in 1979. In 2000, after a few company join-ventures operations, it gave itself a new mission, based no longer on the production by economic allotments of few specific products, but on pursuing the common objective of “full quality” in each division it operates. From this point of view the technology used changed, as well as its manufacturing strategy, customer service assistance and management method obtaining the most prestigious international certifications, always counting on the precious and irreplaceable help of the increasing and sophisticated requests of its customers and on its trust-worthy suppliers. During all these years our company has had the honour and the burden of being invested of the role of official supplier of the most important activities in the automotive, aeronautical and petrol-chemical industry, being able to keep it along the years, suggesting and obtaining specific and exclusive certifications. Alongside this leader mission, the company has succeeded in the large scale manufacturing as well, thanks to the many process innovations along the way.This progress can be counted in terms of numbers and increasing trends. A company, originally founded as an artisan facility, has been able to blend the distinctive peculiarities of small manufacturing businesses, with the highest production capacity, always keeping the highest quality level. Actual research activities and major investments in technology allowed the company to offer a wide range of manufactured parts with a certain regard to special compound batches for specific applications.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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24060, Italy, Adrara San Martino (BG), Via Castello, 70

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