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Effeciemme Componenti S.r.l.

Effeciemme Group has been operational since 1995 in the Flow Control Valve Components field gathering decades of experience in standard and special valves’ components for high load, high temperature or chemically aggressive applications. The constant research and the investments done in new technology and quality control instruments allow us to satisfy our clients’ technical and commercial requests. The two companies of Effeciemme Group are now working in three factories for a total built area of 3000 square meters and 4.000 square meters open space. Effeciemme Componenti srl mainly manufactures Bearings , Washers, Lantern Rings, Flanged Bearings, Spacers, Oring Support Rings, Ring Joints using the following materials: Carbon Steel Stainless Steel F51, F53,F55 Inconel 625 Stellite GR 6® B148 We coat our Bearings and Washers with the following materials: PTFE Bronze + PTFE High Loads Fabric High Temperature Treatment Effeciemme Sealing System srl manufactures gaskets and sealing systems with diameters up to 1400 mm. For our production process we use Computer Numerical Laths of last generation. We use the following materials: PTFE ( Vergin or Carbon Charged) PA6 – PA12 Devlon® PEEK® PCTFE OTHER MATERIALS ON REQUEST

Effeciemme Componenti S.r.l.

Since 1995 Effeciemme Componenti srl manufactures and supplies all types of valves' components. With the support of high qualified staff and thanks to our client oriented management our company has grown during all this years, becoming now days one of the best producers of valve components in Italy. Our production's quality has been widely recognized abroad by important international groups. Our production range is the following: SELF LUBRICATED BEARINGS AND THRUST WASHERS: Carbon Steel - Stainless Steel with Sintered Bronce (AISI316) - INCONEL625 and 825 - F51.F44 Coating: PT FE - BRONZE+PTEE - PTEE FABRIC - COATING FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE RESTISTANCE THERMOPLASTIC GASKETS ANTI EXTRUSION RINGS INSERTS SEALING SYSTEMS PT EE VIRGIN, PT EE CHARGED-PA6-PA12-PCTFE-PEEK-DEVLON LIP SEALS WITH ENERGIZED EL GILOY SPRINGS P.T.F.E. Virgin / charged - T.F.M.- EUKONOL® - other materials available Srpings: Helical Spring / U Spring Materials: Elgiloy® - AISI302 - Hastelloy C® - Inconel Rings in pure graphite O-RINGS GASKETS: FKM ED - HNBR - HNBR ED - GF - FFKM - AFLAS SPIROMETALIC GASKETS    

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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21040, Italy, Carnago (VA), Via Dante Sommaruga, 9

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