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S&W IND Co. Ltd.

S&W, was founded in 1997, it dealt with exporting raw materials for forgings,castings into the US and Canadian Markets. As S&W grew, it recognized being in need of encroaching into the valve markets with its own brand.In 2000, S&W made a transition to developing and manufacturing its own designed dual plate check valves. From that time, S&W has exportedIts own manufactured check valves to Canada, the US and south America. With an increase of its production capacity and satisfaction of overseas clients’ requirements, S&W has chiseled out its reputation among clients and its products have been approved by domestic and overseas clients.In aiming for high quality valves, S&W products in types of wafer, lug, and flanged connections are certified to ANSI #150 up to ANSI #1500 with their sizes varying from 2” up to 80”, to DIN, JIS, and other standards. In addition to check valves, production of high performance butterfly valves has dominated our production capacity more than half of annual sales. S&W are on the verge of expanding its capacity of producing gate valves, and ball valves as a newly acquired factory on 7000 m² of land with 3 buildings on is in operation, which enables S&W to even more satisfy clients’ requirements. To furnish better valves for clients, S&W will continue to make its unceasing efforts and will be always in valve markets.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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780-874, South Korea, Gyeongju, 1146-34, Moa-Ri, Chunbuk-Myeon, Gyeongju-Si, Gyeongbuk-Do

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