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Badger Meter Europa GmbH

Badger Meter Europa GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Badger Meter Inc., USA. Badger Meter Inc., was founded in 1905, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has factories in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Nogales, Mexico; it is employing worldwide more than 1300 people. Badger Meter was foundet in 1972 as marketing office and registered as (limited liability company) - with the main goal of opened own subsidiaries in Bratislava, Slovakia and in Brno, Czech Republic. Also Badger Meter Asia with seat in Singapore has now been managed from the German location. As a leading manufacturer of flow meters and control valves, Badger Meter Europa GmbH is supplying worlwide small control valves to pilot plants, R&D, fine batching plants and sanitary valves to the hygienic, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industry. Badger Meter's control valves are specifically designed for controlling small to medium flow rates of liquid or vapor, in pipe sizes from 1/4" to 2". They cover a Cv range from 0.0000018 to 54 in different innervalve sizes. Theoretically, there are millions of possible combinations of valves that can be configured to suit a wide variety of applications or specific requirements. The choices range from process valves (standard bronze valves, flanged stainless steel or other exotic material), to hygienic valves (barstock or cast, tube or clamp ends), to special valves (3-way, angle, high-pressure, high-temperature and cryogenic). Valves can be made with most flange types and sizes, weld connections, NPT or tube fittings. Although the standard material is stainless steel, many other materials are available for corrosive applications, including solid Titanium and Tantalum. The valves are available with a wide variety of innervalves, many individually

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