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Zamkon Armaturen K.Zamczewski i S-ka, Spolka Jawna

The Zamkon Company which is present on the Polish market since 1989 specializes in the production of industrial fittings - steam and compressed air traps, separators, liquide phase vents, condensate recovery units, reduction stations and wedge gate valves. Our offer also includes bellows sealed stop valves and metallically sealed double, triple and quadruple offset butterfly valves. We co-operate with ARI – Armaturen GmbH, Armatury Group a.s., MIYAWAKI Inc., Polna Śląsk Sp. z o. o., CO-AX AG and Wakmet Sp.J. Our company possesses ISO 9001-2008 TÜV SÜD, certificate for the design, manufacture and sale of fittings according to PED TÜV SÜD - 0036 CE, certificate for welding according to EN ISO 3834-2 TÜV SÜD, National Institute of Hygiene certificate nr HK/W/0340/01/2008 and a Russian certificate GOST. We have also been allowed to conduct in-house tests and controls of steam traps by the majority of Polish refineries, tyre manufacturers, nitrogen, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants. We have received the approval of the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency. Our offer includes four groups of technical issues: 1. Delivery of standard and special industrial fittings.2. Execution of projects in thermal power engineering.3. Execution of installations of steam tracing systems (project designs, delivery of the fittings, installation).4. Full technical consultancy service concerning thermal energy systems. 1. As part of the delivery of industrial fittings we supply:• steam traps in the full range of pressures (from PN16 to PN630), with a whole range of flows and types, (inverted bucket, thermostatic with smooth temperature controls, float with thermal air-escapes and thermodynamic - lamellar).• steam and compressed air separators up to PN40.• industrial fittings: stop valves and bellows sealed stop valves, cast iron wedge gate valves metal and softly sealed (PN10- PN16), cast steel (PN16-PN100) and acid-resistant PN16, knife gate valves, safety valves, pressure reduction valves, flow regulating valves, liquide phase vents, pressure reduction stations and condensate recovery units.• double, triple and quadruple offset butterfly valves in the pressure ranges PN10 to PN 40 and in the diameter ranges DN50 to DN1200.2. As part of the installation designs we offer:• execution of steam tracing system projects.• execution of steam distribution system projects.• execution of steam condensate collection projects.• execution of projects for use with secondary steam coming from expansion.• execution of projects of condensate intermediate pumping stations.• execution of steam transmission pipeline projects.• execution of complete industrial heating systems projects, steam and condensate systems as well as water heating systems.3. As part of the execution of installations we offer:• construction and installation of complete steam tracing systems and other steam and water heating systems based on our own designs and complemented with the use of our own fittings. As part of the construction process we cooperate with three construction companies, but remain in overall control of the works.• construction of complete heat centers.4. As part of the full technical consultancy serviceconcerning thermal energy systems we offer:• preparation of modernized solutions for energy systems based on the second law of thermodynamics,• consulting evaluations of industrial energy systems,• tests which do not interrupt the correct operational working of steam traps (authorization of the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency).

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