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Trumbull Industries Inc.

Trumbull Industries was founded in 1922 in Warren, Ohio, USA. Today, Trumbull’s Manufacturing Division specializes in Valves and Accessories for the Municipal and Industrial markets. Our valve accessories include the following: CHAINWHEELS• Chainwheels. Offered in ductile iron, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. Trumbull pioneered cast stainless chainwheels, which are used throughout the world. Examples of applications include wastewater treatment plants, refineries and chemical plants where corrosion is a concern.• Chainwheel Safety Restraints. Although chainwheels rarely separate from the valve, the risk of injury cannot be ignored. All components are stainless and have been rigorously tested to insure a conservative safety factor. All Trumbull chainwheels are furnished standard with a threaded chain guide to accept our safety restraint system.• Chain Retaining Device. This product stores chain safely above the workers’ pathway• Chain Connecting Links. Offered for both our single loop and machine chain, this accessory helps installers close the loop of chain around a chainwheel. Offered in carbon and stainless steel• Mounting Options. All Trumbull chainwheels can be either clamped to the valve handwheel or mounted directly to the valve stem. VALVE POSITION INDICATORS• Our position indicators give the operator a visual indication of the valve’s position, eliminating guesswork that sometimes leads to broken valve stems.• Offered in 3 models, for valves up to 57, 275 or 870 turns• Molded of Dupont Delrin for high impact strength and corrosion resistance• O-Ring Sealed FLOORSTANDS• Offered in Indicating style for NRS valves as well as Non-indicating style• Top flange allows addition of gearbox or motor operator• Available in Cast stainless or ductile iron OTHER VALVE ACCESSORIES• Stem Guides• Floor Boxes• Chain Levers VALVES. Trumbull also manufactures mud valves and hydrostatic tank pressure relief valves, both used primarily in water and wastewater treatment plants in the USA. Both are available in cast stainless and gray iron. Our valves and accessories have been thoughtfully designed to meet the highest expectations of Engineers and Operators. Our products are designed for long life, and are rigorously tested, in-house and at independent labs. Our products are sold to distributors, valve representatives and manufacturers both in the USA and internationally. Our primary inventory is maintained in Warren, Ohio USA with international Stocking distributors located in Germany and Australia.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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44501, United States, Youngstown, OH, 1040 N. Meridian Road

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