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DVG Automation SpA

DVG Automation  Spa is an Italian manufacturer (operating in the flow control process automation field, dedicated to the energy area (production, transportation and distribution). DVG Automation offers: -Technical innovation (Patented Piston Type Actuators, Edge Devices ) -Complete 360° product range, suitable to satisfy any Project requirement -Complete Product & Company Certification -Market Neutrality -High Production Capacity of Customized & individually Tested  Actuators -Young dynamic and flexible Company, with a proven extensive experience in the automation field -Solid Financial basis DVG Automation range of product includes: QUARTER TURN AND LINEAR ACTUATOR (Hydraulic  (Up to 350 barg), Pneumatic (Up to12 barg), Gas Over Oil  (Up to110 barg), Direct Gas High Pressure  (Up to110 barg), Quick Acting, Electro Hydraulic (Up to 350 barg), Electric up to 300.000 Nm, Heavy Duty ON- OFF Service, Modulating Service, Inching Service, Std design temp -30°C to +85 °C, Ext Low temp down to-60°C); CONTROLS SYSTEM and ACCESSORIES (Pneumatic Control System, Hydraulic Control System, ESDV, BDV, XV Application, HIPPS System, Partial Stroke Test Devices, Direct Gas and Gas Hydraulic control unit, Line Break System, Electro Hydraulic Power Unit, Smart Valve Monitoring System, Pneumatic ">  override mechanical and hydraulic, Backup tank/accumulator for emergency stroke/s according to int. std.); ELECTRONIC DEVICES (Wi-Smart Line Break System, Wi- Smart Remote Terminal Unit, Smart I/O Module, AI-MOD 82 Analog/Modbus Converter modules,  High Performance Process Automation Controller, Wireless Hub, Fieldbus communication, Master Station.  

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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29016, Italy, Cortemaggiore (PC), Via G. Rossetti, 2

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