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Avic International Minerals & Resources Co., Ltd.

AVIC International Mineral Resources Co., Ltd (AVIC-MR) is a subsidiary company of Aviation Industrial Corporation of China International Holdings Co., Ltd (AVIC International). AVIC-MR whose registered fund is 100 million CNY has been established in 12 December 2011. The main business products are minerals, metal materials, metallurgical charge, mechanical and electronic devices, mechanical and electronic products, chemical products (with Hazardous Chemicals Business License), building materials, wholesaling-retailing business of fuel oil, importing-exporting business of goods, economical information consulting services (except commodity intermediaries). Aviation Industry Corporation of China International Holding Corporation (AVIC International) was reformed from China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation that was founded in January 1979, perfectly in the beginning of the publish of the Reforming and Open-up Policy. At present, AVIC International has built wholly owned or holding subsidiaries in most of the major cities in China, has more than 60 overseas institutions in more than 30 countries and territories, has 7 listed companies. AVIC International has over 50,000 employees who served clients from more than 180 countries and territories over the world. The company’s asset size is over 100 billion CNY and it had realized a total import and export volume over 50 billion U.S. Dollars. As an important part of AVIC, AVIC International is the main window, main channel and main force of the civil aviation import and export trade in China. The company relies on information technology, investment and financing, international business development to create 6 major business segments actively, those are, international aviation, trade and logistics, high-end consumer goods and retail, real estate, hotels, high-tech electronics and resource investment and development. AVIC-MR mainly engages in steel, all kinds of mineral products and other trading, services and investments of commodity industrial chain. As the main force in AVIC International logistics plate, the development of AVIC-MR has a great significance to the improvement of AVIC International's investment and development in commodities. AVIC-MR will have a new scale and a new profit growth point in this very field. This is an important measure that AVIC International makes on the path of internationalization development processes. In the future, the company will become middle/large scaled company in the circulation domain, majoring in steel industrial chain and including importing-exporting trade, domestic trade, domestic manufacturing distribution services, global triple-country trade. What is more, the company will become the important servicer, organizer and creator in the several commodity industrial chains around the world, having a stable and excellent profit pattern and great strategic capability. AVIC-MR will adhering to the idea of "Foundation, Innovation, Sincerity, Transcend" (FIST: power) to create a modern, high-quality trading services team, integrating business resources channels of AVIC International with people-oriented, require-oriented purpose, in order to provide bulk raw materials with a stable supply and hight quality. Meanwhile, the company will focus on the improving of industrial chain integration capabilities and expanding business scale so as to achieve the multi-format operation. Moreover, the company will give clients more professional, more comprehensive add-value services that are depended on rich business experiences. As a vibrant and experienced special-purposed trading company, AVIC-MR would like to make progress together with all the clients in steady paces, providing integrated application services to all the clients in a professional and high-quality way, making effort to set up a long-term partnership in a win-win situation.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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310000, China, Hangzhou, Room 1803, Tower A, No. 18 Wantang Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou China

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