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ALTEK-Europe Ltd

ALTEK is a technology-based company with specialist expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of machinery to aid in the productivity and operational efficiency of the aluminium cast house. Our engineers have a wealth of international experience and are a unique skill resource for our worldwide customers.

ALTEK was formed in the 1980s, inventing the dross press in the early 1990s. In 2009 ALTEK took over the TARDIS dross press business, combining the two different technologies to create the most advanced dross press systems available in the world. ALTEK now have over 400 dross press references worldwide.

In 2009 ALTEK also launched their Electromagnetic Stirring range with great success and have subsequently become world leaders and the preferred supplier of this technology to many companies around the world.

Realising and understanding the potential for magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) technologies within the aluminium industry, Altek have embarked on a new joint venture, ALTEK-MHD in 2014. This joint venture has been set up to further promote and sell MHD technologies for application within aluminium sector. The first of these is LHMS – Liquid Heart Metal Stirrer for the aluminium DC casting process.

It is ALTEK’s mission to provide customers with the best technology and knowledge, to meet their needs through a deep understanding of their production processes, operation, equipment and operational cost and profitability requirements. To use their process and engineering expertise to provide technical solutions to current issues faced in the aluminium industry.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metal mount, Manufacturer / Producer - Tool for drilling, pressing, stamping, Manufacturer / Producer - Production Vice clamps and clips, Manufacturer / Producer - Alloys of precious metals, Manufacturer / Producer - Other precious metals

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Turnoaks Business Park, S40 2UB Chesterfield, Great Britain / Northern Ireland

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