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INCO - Sa de Ingenieria Y Construccion Mecanica

INCO is made up of a group of companies specialized in engineering and manufacturing of equipment and machinery for metallurgical processes for both ferric metals as well as for non-ferric metals. We focus our experience and capabilities in the equipment for the transformation and the increase of value of flat products (coils), covering also the melting and casting processes for non-ferrous metals as aluminium or copper.

Our activity along the years has brought us to the customer’s requirement of designing the equipment to the specific need and performances. In many cases, this collaboration between customers and INCO creates processes and machinery unique in the world providing a great added value to our customers and a critical strategic advantage in their markets. INCO has therefore a relevant Technical Office with experience in different fields and metals and always sensitive to the particular needs of each customer.

Today our staff remains faithful to our foundational tenets. So every proposal of equipment and machinery has undergone a multidisciplinary analysis to guarantee:

-The proposal is technically and economically viable in a global competitive market-The machinery being offered covers the characteristics and features required by the customer’s needs.-The added value of the process for the customer guarantees an adequate pay-back period for the investment made.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metal mount, Manufacturer / Producer - Production Vice clamps and clips, Manufacturer / Producer - Sheet steel products, Manufacturer / Producer - Alloys of precious metals, Manufacturer / Producer - Other precious metals

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