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Q.E.D. Wire Lines Inc.

QED was founded in 1994 in Montreal, Canada and has since experienced considerable growth in customer base and technical development. The company manufacturers for a global market using our in-house design team with over 40 years experience building process line equipment for the steel wire industry.Working with dedicated suppliers, we have completed projects in Asia, Europe and the Americas, including one of the world's most advanced Galfan® lines at Smorgon Wire Products in Australia and one of the world's largest annealing Fluidbed Furnaces at Cavatorta in Italy. The company provides continued service and support through a network of representitives in contries such as: China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Europe, Mexico, Scandinavia, India, South America, Russia and Eastern Europe.Our dedication to innovation has lead to the award of two patents, “High Turbulence Multiple Stage Wire Pickling System” (US # 6016819) and “Pressure Feedback Signal to Optimise Combustion Air Control” (US # 6332408 B2). QED is working on filing for a third patent regarding our unique and proven fluidbed furnace design that eliminates the ceramic tiles of older designs.The QED team builds and commissions each project with the focus on your requirements. Delivering customer satisfaction is the only way to guarantee the success and future of our company. QED fosters the attitude that providing the customer with the highest quality equipment and service is the primary objective of every job.QED Wires Lines acquired Hi-Draw Process and Technology a division of Hi-Draw Machinery from Lämneå Bruk AB of Ljusfallshammar, Sweden in October, 2003. The agreement included Hi-Draw’s fluidbed, heat-treating, pickling, galvanizing, wiping, batch pickling and other process technologies. The success of this acquisition was due to the excellent fit of Hi-Draw’s process equipment with the company’s existing technology base. QED Wire’s strength in these fields has made it possible for us to provide uninterrupted spare parts and technical services to Hi-Draw customers.Perhaps the best measure of any company is the satisfaction of its customers. It is our belief that the high quality of QED’s equipment and services puts us well ahead of our competition in customer satisfaction. We invite you to contact our customers directly for their opinion.

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J7V OK2, Canada, Vaudreuil Dorion QC, 5261 Route Harwood

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