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Elliott Manufacturing Inc.

Elliott’s Uniflex-Stow™ range is the most versatile, reliable and proven approach to remote mechanical valve actuation available today. It is a unique answer to the problem of remote mechanical valve actuation. When a valve is in a hazardous or hard-to-reach position, and must be actuated, then Uniflex-Stow™ solves the problem. It is the safe and reliable way to actuate almost any valve. If you are still specifying or using out-of-date chains dual cable systems, linear systems or make-shift solid rod and UJ systems then think Uniflex-Stow™- proven, reliable, virtually no maintenance and easy to plan and install. In Nuclear, Marine & Naval and General Industry we drive to lead. The Stow brand has been solving remote mechanical control problems for over 100 years. Elliott Manufacturing has combined this experience with new product development to deliver “The Solution in Remote Technology” - Uniflex-Stow™

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13902-0773, United States, Binghamton, NY, 11 Beckwith Avenue

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